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June 30, 2016
Dear Customers,
Please note that there will be a small price rise on our Dog Daycare Services as of July 3rd 2016.
Our new pricing will be as follows:
  • Half Day Rate (Up to 5 1/2 hours of play) - $28.00
  • Full Day Rate (Over 5 ½ hours of play) - $38.00
Customers using our Dog Daycare Services 3 days or more within the same week (Monday-Saturday) will receive a $3.00 discount per day applied at the end of the week (i.e. the half day and full day prices will be $25.00 and $35.00 respectively)
Thank you for your understanding!

Santa Paws is coming to town!

December 01, 2015

Are two dogs better than one?

October 27, 2015

Today we wanted to share the first in a series of blog posts that we hope you'll find helpful and informative.

Many people believe that two dogs are better than one, and getting one dog is cruel as they are a pack animal. This is a myth. Dogs do not require one another to live and they can live a long, full and happy life with just a human. Although having more than one dog in a household is quite common, it is not as easy as it seems.

A lot of time and training goes in to keeping two dogs. Twice the dog equals twice the food, twice the mess and twice the veterinary bills. When adopting a dog YOU become its pack - and if you are not familiar with dogs, then it is recommended to only get the one. Most households find a single dog challenging enough in relation to the added responsibility of training and general attention animals need.

Many people believe that owning a dog is easy, but go on to discover this is not the case. Dogs are like children - they require dedication and attention. Each breed has varying needs, so if you have never owned a dog before, it is best to start off with a low maintenance breed.

The experience of owning a dog should be both fun and rewarding, not a burden, so when considering adding a new member to your family, think carefully before adding the additional responsibility of taking in more than one at a time.



February 09, 2015


We provide a fun, safe, hygienic and temperature controlled environment for your pet to play in. For starters we offer toys galore, walks, ball games, tunnels, agility equipment and cubby houses. Add in doggy movies, cuddles and brushing and top it off with soothing scents from our humidifier while enjoying an afternoon snooze on one of the comfy flea free beds! 

While your pet is having fun with us, you can be assured that their play environment is clean and well supervised. We keep our day care area separate from our hydrobathing/ grooming area to ensure the safety and attention we believe your pet deserves. Our day care centre has veterinary grade flooring (no concrete floors) that is hygienic and easy going on joints and is disinfected regularly throughout the day. Your pet will enjoy air-conditioning, which is so important during the hot summer days and cold winters especially if they suffer from skin allergies, hot spots or joint problems.

Day care is great for for dogs of all sizes and personalties from those that require lots of excercise and stimulation to those that are a bit more anxious and just want a bit of company. Whether it's because of a busy life style or just for fun, you can expect your pet to return home exhausted from play but thoroughly satisfied. Watch as your pet makes friends for life, learns good socialisation and behavioral skills. Watch as your pet becomes a valued member of  The Pet Pad family, because we understand that they are a valuable member of your family! 


Hello and welcome to our new website!

October 28, 2009

Emma opened The Pet Pad in 2004, with nearly 10 years of pet experience and a vision in mind. The Pet Pad started out as just your local pet shop with a boutique feel. Since then, we've grown and now provide many other services.

Our Pet Spa & Day Care services aim to spoil your pet rotten and make them feel at home! We offer everything from soft fluffy bathrobes and bath salts to plenty of entertainment to keep your pet occupied while in the salon. Don't be surprised if they aren't in a hurry to come home! Our philosophy is to do whatever we can to make their experience an enjoyable one so that they can't wait to come back.

We have been building a reputation for providing a fun, safe and very clean environment for your pets. To say thank you for spreading the word, we are offering a free bath and blowdry for your pet every time you refer a new customer.  Just get them to mention your name when booking their first appointment with us. 

The Day Spa is now operating six days a week, offering a full range of services, including Day Care and Pet Sitting. For a full price list, click here or on the link on the left.

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