Pamper and Play Schedule


Meet and greet and free play


Basic obedience introduction


Playing with various toys including Kong toys, Rogz toys etc


Pamper session, usually quiet time focused on grooming needs including brushing your dogs coat, checking ears and nails as well as massage, movies and a quick snooze.

11.30- 12.00

Red light green light- aim of the game is to follow the leader until they turn around. Anyone who is sitting gets a treat.


Red Rover. Ask the dogs to sit at one end of the room and tell them to stay, call the dogs over to you from across the room “(dogs name) come” when they come on their name give them a treat, a toy or a cuddle.


Hide and Seek- Hide some treats under some bowls around the room, pop some bowls without any treats under them. Allow the dog to use their nose to try and find the treats.


Simon says- play this game with the dogs using basic commands (sit, lay down/ drop, shake / high five, beg, stay, come. When dogs do what they have been asked to do reward them with a treat or a pat.




Hide and seek- Try hiding behind the play gyms/ pole and tell the dogs to “find me” whichever dogs come to you and sit, give them a pat/ treat.


Usually quiet and recuperation time focused on pampering and getting them ready for home time so they smell, look and feel great. Every dog gets brushed and finished with a spritze of all natural low allergin but delicious smelling dog coat deoderiser.


Time for one more game, free play and getting ready for home time.