Hi fellow furries,

My name is Archie.  I am a four year old golden retriever who hangs out at the Ped Pad every Friday.  It is the highlight of my week.  I am so excited every Friday morning that I nearly rip my owner’s arm out of the socket as I rush down the street!  When I get there I have a quick sniff around and check out who else is in for the day.  I’m always relieved to see my favourite girl arrive, Maggie May, a gorgeous brown haired Labrador.  We like to have a few games together, she pretends she doesn’t like me, I chase her, she slows down - you know the deal.  After our exercise we like to relax and have a few healthy snacks, and before you know it it’s time for the beauty parlour.  Oh how I love my bath and blow dry.  I leave smelling so good you could eat me.  In fact I love the place so much that on the couple of occasions I have escaped from home (very naughty I know!) I have run straight to the Pet Pad and have patiently waited at their door to be let in.

Honestly guys I can’t recommend the place enough – dog heaven.

Yours in fur


Dear Pet Pad

My name is Dorothy Rae Sutherland -Smith and I have been a client of The Pet Pad since I was 8 weeks old.  When I was little my Mum purchased all my bedding, jewellery and puppy essentials.  It was like a one stop shop for her and we loved our visits as I would get to buy all the latest puppy clothes and accessories.   As I got older and required regular grooming, Emma and the Pet Pad team went to work on me to make me super cute.  The Pet Pad is like a puppy day spa…. I love my, clips, baths and blow drys and I always smell super lovely.  When my brother Dexter comes to stay we always take him along for a treat with me… he loves it too and always looks very smart!

I always enjoy my experience when I go to The Pet Pad and get so excited when Mum tells me I am going!  Emma and her team just love me and always make me feel very special.  I am pampered from head to toe and enjoy being in the company of the people and the other puppies.  My haircuts are always so chic and smart and I always feel like a new puppy when I go home.

When I am out and about people stop and ask me where I am groomed and I have great pride in telling them all about the The Pet Pad.

I love Emma and her fabulous team, I always feel like a super special puppy with every visit … thank you so much xxx

Lot of Love 

Dorothy Rae Sutherland-Smith
Maltese Terrier
10 years old

Hi! My name is Pete! I'm a Boxer who loves to make new friends, and play at the dog park & go for swims, but on weekdays I love to go to The Pet Pad! I have the best time, I get to play all day while my humans are at work. There are lots of things to do, play with other dogs & toys, sometimes we do dress ups & have treats in ice blocks to cool us down in summer. I am always super tired after a long day playing, and I love all the staff there they are so nice to me.


My Ruben and Bronson have been going to The Pet Pad for 7 years. Emma and her team are remarkable. Their genuine love and concern for my boys is fantastic. When I ask in the morning "who wants to go to day care?" they are beside themselves! Bronson tries to sit on the dashboard of my car thinking he will get their sooner! Emma always ensures her team are the best of the best through superb training. There is nobody I trust more to look after my most treasured boys that the team at The Pet Pad......I never worry......no need to! They have become part of our extended family.

Catherine Robson